De Plek

Welcome to the cathedral’s meeting place!


The old St. John’s Chapel behind the sacristy has been transformed into a modern, attractive foyer where people can catch up and chat over a drink and a bite to eat. ‘De Plek’ is part of the cathedral’s broader mission to be a welcoming place. The foyer is managed by the social economy company ‘Met Sense’, which promotes vulnerable people’s access to the labour market.


In De Plek you can also sample one of our cathedral beers - Kathedraal Blonde (Aurora) and Kathedraal Dark (Memento) - or chat with one of the cathedral’s Welcomers.


Paradise Lost, work of art by Nicole S. Pousset, can be admired in bistro De Plek from 14th of August 2021.




Opening hours:

weekdays, except on Tuesdays: 10 am - 5 pm
Tuesday: closed
Saturdays: 10 am – 3 pm
Sundays: 1 pm - 5 pm

Churchgoers can access De Plek from 11 am on Sundays


Entrance from Handschoenmarkt, main entrance of the Cathedral of Our Lady




Book De Plek for your reception

Groups can book De Plek or the Chaplains’ Sacristy for a reception after one of the above activities.
All requests for bookings must be sent to



De Plek

The foyer behind the cathedral’s sacristy was named ‘De Plek’ after the eponymous poem by the Antwerp poet Herman De Coninck.



Je moet niet alleen, om de plek te bereiken,
thuis opstappen, maar ook uit manieren van kijken.
Er is niets te zien, en dat moet je zien
om alles bij het zeer oude te laten.

Er is hier. Er is tijd
om overmorgen iets te hebben achtergelaten.
Daar moet je vandaag voor zorgen.
Voor sterfelijkheid.

From 'Schoolslag' by Herman de Coninck, 1994