FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions



Is the Chapel of the Schoenmarkt open?

This chapel is closed to the public indefinitely because major renovation work needs to be carried out.


Are there public religious services in the cathedral?

Every day the Catholic community celebrates liturgy in the cathedral.

Saturday there are Eucharistic services at 16.00 and 17.30. The latter service is in English.

On Sunday, there are Eucharistic services at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. A vesper service at 5 p.m. concludes the Sunday.

On weekdays, there is a Eucharist service at 4 pm each time. On Fridays, a worship service precedes the service. It starts at 3 pm.


Are the Cathedral shop and De Plek open?

The shop and De Plek are open every day, save Tuesday, when 'De Plek' is closed.