It is my pleasure and privilege, as the Bishop of Antwerp, to welcome you to the Cathedral of Our Lady. This magnificent church is home to Antwerp’s Roman Catholic community. Its tower serves as a beacon for many proud Antwerpians and its art treasures have enraptured people from around the world.


I invite you to enter our cathedral and meet a group of interesting people. They include Peter Paul Rubens as well as Maarten De Vos, Frans Floris, Jan Fabre and several other friends. But they are not alone. You can also experience a moment of silence and prayer with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and with other mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, who want to confide their joy and worries to Our Lady. You can sing along with the church community that gathers here to celebrate liturgy. And who knows, perhaps God will meet you here. As a celestial Father, a risen Son or a fiery Spirit.


Whoever you are, know that you are welcome. Peace to all who enter here.


Bishop Johan Bonny, Bishop of Antwerp