En route to Scherpenheuvel with the cathedral family


We always kick off the new working year in a festive manner:

en route to Scherpenheuvel with the cathedral family.


There is something uniquely moving about sharing a journey with others. You get to know each other better.

You discuss things that you wouldn’t usually discuss. You discover that you are part of a larger family.



By bike: 75 km

Departure: at 7 am from Groenplaats 21

Price:  € 35, incl. return trip by coach and lunch

Make sure your bike is in working order.

There are two breaks scheduled.



On foot: 10 km

Departure: at 8.30 am from Averbode Abbey

You must make your own way to Averbode

Contact us if you are unable to do so

Price: € 30, incl. return trip by coach to Averbode and lunch


By coach

Departure: at 9.30 am from Kaai 19 (coach parking near Zuiderterras, opposite the pedestrian tunnel)

This is also where you will be dropped off in the evening around 6 pm.

Price: € 40, incl. lunch and transport



Own transport

If you are travelling to Averbode with your own transport, we expect to see you there at 12.30 pm at reception.

Price: € 20 for lunch





Everyone is more than welcome.

To register, please send an e-mail to parochie@dekathedraal.be,

stating your name, address, phone number and your chosen trail.

Please pay the right amount to bank account BE97 7360 0144 3849 of Parochiale Werken Kathedraal, Antwerpen or hand in the payment in a sealed envelope at the Rectory/Pastorij, St.-Pietersstraat 1, 2000 Antwerp, T +32 (0)3 213 99 68.

Clearly state your name and chosen trail.



Do you want to sponsor someone so they can join us?

Give someone else the opportunity to join us on this pilgrimage by paying one of the following amounts (see price).